January Monthly Meeting

Thursday, January 26, 2017 8:00 AM

EFCN Network Café

There are a lot of misconceptions about networking. Some people believe networking is just for businesses. Others think a networking event is where they are supposed to sell themselves or their pet project. Still others find it disagreeable because they feel everyone is putting on airs.

According to Networking Maverick Mathieu Powell, none of these ideas truly represent what networking is all about. 

“We are what we do,” he says. “Networking is really getting to know people better and really listening to who they are by hearing what they do.”

Mathieu loves connecting people and helping to make things happen.

“EFCN is the place were the seeds of great beginnings are sown,” he says. “Many excellent community initiates to serve elders saw their beginnings right here with the right people.”

Networking is simply connecting and starting or developing a relationship with people. Where it leads is the real adventure. 

Mathieu believes we are more effective professionals and make better connections with people when we keep a few simple rules in mind:
  • Come prepared to really listen. Engage all your thoughts and feelings into what you’re hearing.
  • Set up three post EFCN meetings.
  • While you’re at it, why not choose an interesting venue or activity? A great game of golf or a zip line adventure at Wild Play, a half hour scuba dive… Why do we always need to meet at a coffee shop? Propose some interesting venues.
  • Before the meeting, prepare a quick introduction and elevator speech. Practice it a few times to see how it sounds.
  • Come with a joke or a funny story. Mathieu won’t put you on the spot, but try to come with a quick story or joke to give BEFORE you give your announcement or your speaking spotlight. WARNING: If you don’t have one, Mathieu will hand you one to read. Please keep your jokes clean!
  • Most importantly of all... Have FUN!

Meeting Location: The Wellesley Of Victoria - Retirement Home

2800 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8T 5B5

The entrance door for EFCN is on Market Street between Nanaimo Street and Blanshard Street.

Our EFCN sign and/or the helpful Wellesley staff will direct you to the room. Be sure to come a little earlier (we suggest 7:30) to allow yourself time to arrive and visit before the meeting starts at 8:00 am.


There is parking around and about the building, and Long and McQuade has generously offered their upper parking area on the corner of Market Street and Nanaimo Street.